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A QA Interview With Film and TV Critic Troy Patterson

A QA Interview With Film and TV Critic Troy Patterson Troy Patterson wears numerous caps, however hed loathe that antique. Hes a book pundit for NP, TV pundit at and the film pundit at Spin magazine. He additionally composed for a large group of different distributions including The New York Times Book Review, Mens Vogue, Wired, and Entertainment Weekly. Patterson, who calls Brooklyn home, is an underhandedly amusing and deft essayist who specialties sentences like this one about Jon and Kate Gosselin, the fighting couple at the focal point of Jon Kate Plus 8: She is a groaning 34-year-old nag with features as wide as trail blazing bicycle tires wearing a lopsided hair style reminiscent of an injured stork. He is a dour 32-year-old layabout whose skate-punk sideburns and gelled forelocks signal exhausting terrible news. Also, on the show, both battle to act a large portion of their age. Or then again read his interpretation of The X Factor: Individuals like to discuss how unscripted television draws in braggarts. This was literalized the previous evening when a sick person at the Seattle tryout dropped his jeans, moving Paula Abdul to prudently upchuck. On the off chance that we put him in a safe spot, the most significant rejectees were the geriatric a couple group of Dan and Venita. They chattered off key through Unchained Melody, wore garments excessively transfixingly tasteless to rate as vintage, and were gently lobotomized in way. In the event that this were a tryout for a supper theater adjustment of a David Lynch film, they would have certainly gotten a callback. Heres a QA with Patterson. Q: Tell me a little about your experience: An: As a child and youngster in Richmond, Virginia, I was a major peruser Twain, Poe, Hemingway, Vonnegut, Salinger, Judy Blume, investigator books, away papers, Cheerios boxes, whatever. I got snared on magazines by method of Tom Wolfe and Spy. I headed off to college at Princeton, where I studied English Lit and altered the grounds week by week. In the wake of graduating, I lived in Santa Cruz, California, for a brief period, working in a bistro and outsourcing for the neighborhood alt-week by week. Those were the clasps I utilized when I went after a magazines positions in New York. I worked at Entertainment Weekly for a long time, where I began as a right hand and later turned into a book pundit and staff essayist, and I left EW on my 30th birthday celebration to independent and to mess around composing fiction. In 2006, I went to Slate, where Im on contract, and consequently got standard gigs checking on films for Spin and books for NPR. Q: Where did you figure out how to compose? An: I feel that all authors instruct themselves through training, practice, practice. It assists with having great educators en route (mine incorporate nursery-teachers to Toni Morrison) and to dig in with the typical manuals (Strunk White, William Zinsser, and so on). Q: Whats a run of the mill workday like for you? An: I dont have a run of the mill workday. Some of the time I compose throughout the day, here and there I compose for an hour and a half. Once in a while its all perusing and detailing and examination. Every so often Im going around watching films or recording digital broadcasts or rubbing elbows with editors. At that point theres staying aware of the news, battling off marketing experts, answering to abhor mail, and gazing at the roof attempting to concoct thoughts. Q: What do you generally like/detest about what you do? A: May I quote Dorothy Parker? I detest composing; I love having composed. Q: Is it hard being a specialist? A: You betcha. Furthermore, achievement, however subject to difficult work, is likewise dependent upon dumb karma to an absurd degree. Q: Any exhortation hoping for scholars/pundits? A: Forget it; go to graduate school. Be that as it may, on the off chance that youve got an excess of energy to oppose turning into an expressions writer, at that point attempt to get the hang of something about an expansive scope of history and cultureShakespeare, blood and gore movies, design, theory, governmental issues, everything. What's more, dont stress over building up your voice; on the off chance that you study your older folks intently and attempt to compose normally, itll create itself.

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Antigone :: essays research papers

 â â â â ee cummings once stated, â€Å"to be no one however yourself in a world which is putting forth a valiant effort, night and day, to make you everyone elseâ€means to face the hardest conflict which any individual can fight.† That citation is exemplified in numerous works of writing, yet the inverse is as well. Regardless of what individuals do whatever it takes not to be, they don’t consistently succeed. For instance, in the play, Antigone, by Sophocles, the character, Antigone shows being her own individual, however Creon shows something contrary to that.      In the introduction, Antigone discloses to Ismene that she will do anything she desires relating to their sibling, regardless of whether Ismene concurs and needs to do likewise. Antigone tells Ismene, â€Å"If that is the thing that you figure, I ought not need you, regardless of whether you requested to come. You have settled on your decision, you can be what you need to be.† Antigone shows ee cummings’ thought. The divine beings need her to think and act a specific way  their laws  yet she has her own conviction that her sibling, Polyneices, ought to be covered and his soul ought to have the best possible life, rather than being rebuffed. Regardless of whether he was courageous, he ought to be rebuffed. However, Antigone doesn’t trust in that. Regardless of what the outcomes, she battles it and does what she believes is correct.      Creon, the lord of Thebes, shows cummings’ thought. Rulers are constantly expected to be these huge, powerful, dread that triumph over all and guide their realm. Regardless of whether Creon would not like to submit somebody to end, he would, on the grounds that that’s what he’s â€Å"supposed† to do. Creon might be attempting to wander from being every other person, and be his own individual, yet he’s not succeeding. He is the thing that every other person needs him to be: a controller over everybody. Creon accepts that, â€Å"this is [his] order, and you can see the insight behind it. For whatever length of time that [he is] King, no backstabber will be respected with the steadfast man. In any case, whoever appears by word and deed that he is on the State, - he will his [Creon’s] regard while he is living, and [his] veneration when he is dead (Scene 1, line 38).† But he doesn’t finish on that announcement. If Cre on somehow happened to submit somebody to his demise, he would not give him regard when he’s dead.

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Preliminary Research Design Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Fundamental Research Design - Assignment Example Be that as it may, when a business has been working for a measure of time, they start to depend on their clients to enable their business to keep on endeavoring. Obviously, clients are just a little piece of the business, however how clients are dealt with will directly affect the way that the business develops. Numerous organizations comprehend the relationship of clients to unwaveringness, however many don't see that it has a lot of effect in the manner they work together. In the days of yore, there was an expression that everybody appeared to utilize: The client is in every case right. But today, this may not be the situation for each business. Consumer loyalty will consequently prompt client steadfastness if clients are dealt with well. Hypothetical Framework Most agents comprehend that the relationship that they work with their clients will either take them back to the business or cause them to go to another person. The most significant factor for them to recollect is that there is a connection between consumer loyalty and steadfastness. The possibility of consumer loyalty can be characterized from numerous points of view. ... A few analysts recommend that characterizing consumer loyalty implies that nature of the item is critical to consumer loyalty. In spite of the fact that this is one part that focuses to consumer loyalty, it isn't the one in particular that can be found in building up this idea. So as to characterize consumer loyalty, an exploration must look a few issues that make great client care. Roethlein and Wicks (2009) propose that one of those parts is quality. Regardless of whether it is an item or an assistance, there are sure components of value administration that most clients will anticipate. Clients fulfillment associates with client faithfulness which thus interfaces with costumer maintenance. In every circumstance, clients are the significant piece of why a business or administration functions admirably and keeps on flourishing, particularly in troublesome monetary occasions. As per Dubrovski (as refered to in Roethlein and Wicks, 2009), buyer fulfillment is the most significant part of benefit since it is through consumer loyalty that benefits are made. At the end of the day, the more fulfilled clients are, the more they need to buy from the organization. Kumar, Petersen, and Leone (2010) recommend that when clients are happy with an item or administration, they will educate others concerning it and they will allude them to the business. They formulated an equation to choose what clients had the most noteworthy incentive for referrals and applied it to their examination. They found that clients who had a significant level of referral plausibility just expected to have one type of promoting come to them in such a case that they preferred the business enough, they would naturally allude individuals to it. These various hypotheses of how specialists see consumer loyalty makes it hard to devise a solid free or ward variable for what

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Role Of Single Parenthood To The Growth Of A Child - 550 Words

Explaining The Role Of Single Parenthood To The Growth Of A Child (Essay Sample) Content: Single ParentChildren growing up in a single parent family are viewed as different. Being raised by only one parent seems impossible to many. Over the years, it has become a more prevalent practice. In todays society many children have grown up to become emotionally stable and successful even though they were brought up by single parents. The big question is, does a child need both parents to succeed in life? Does a young boy need a father figure around for him to grow into a responsible man?This topic has become a very intriguing argument every time it comes up for discussion with different groups coming up with different views and opinions. People must understand and even appreciate that raising a child is not the sole duty of the nuclear family. The society has a bigger role in shaping up a child. Children of single parents are just normal children and undergo similar behavioral stages in life as those brought up with both parents.In the article, Single-parent f amilies cause juvenile crime, author Robert LMcGinnis states, Children from single-parentFamilies are more likely to have behavior problems because they ...

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Culture and Conflict Essay - 1217 Words

The possibility of the clash of civilizations, as seen by a quick glimpse of history, makes it evident that conflict is nearly inevitable. There are 5 key aspects that bring about problems in any given scenario. Historically, a niche is formed from a group of individuals with similar ways of life; through time the niche gains resources and adopts a religion or lack thereof. With these characteristics attributed to a group of people they are either viewed as friends or foes to neighboring communities, creating alliances. When a minor conflict arises with one community, because of alliances you have major conflict which has the possibility to tear individual communities apart. Samuel P. Huntington describes exactly the same theory covered†¦show more content†¦This can simply be put as, â€Å"take a walk in their shoes.† When you begin to take this walk you immerse yourself in their culture, in their ways of life, in their suffering. All of these different aspects come together and you realize the motivations that are present in other areas apart from your own. In the episode of Darmok, the culturally relevant episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, the crew of the Enterprise had to immerse themselves into the strangely foreign world of the Tamarians’ lives to begin to understand them. Even technology was unable to bridge the gap between the two species and intuition ruled out over all the search algorithms and speech recognition technology could provide. Many people, to get this immersion, will travel abroad and use their time helping others while getting the experience of living someone else’s life. You become accustomed to your way of life you see others as â€Å"uncultured† and this experience changes that way of thinking. A transformation begins and an understanding develops. Becoming educated about or experiencing even one other cultural group can open up a world in which you see the differences that we all share and begin to realize that we aren’t all that much different. Much of the problem however can lie in the internal conflict brought up in groups that behave in much the same way. A perfect example is the conflicts in the Middle East or evenShow MoreRelatedCulture And Conflict In The Organizational Culture Of Uber1276 Words   |  6 PagesCulture is the collective attitude, intellect, and atmosphere that a community creates for itself. This includes values, traditions, and social norms. Specifically, organizational culture is within a community, group, or business that shares values, follows a code of conduct and standards, and holds its members accountable for their contributions. Organizational culture arises from the goals and mission set out by the company. A negligent culture can provoke and encourage inappropriate behavior betweenRead MoreThe Culture And Dynamics Of Conflict2083 Words   |  9 PagesSTRATEGY 1: UNDERSTAND THE CULTURE AND DYNAMICS OF CONFLICT The company Enron was formed in 1985 after two natural gas companies, Houston Natural Gas and InterNorth merged together. Kenneth Lay, former chief executive officer of Houston Natural Gas was named CEO of Enron and a year later, Lay was assigned to the chairman of Enron. A few years later, Enron launched a website to allow customers to buy stock for Enron, making it the largest business site in the world. The growth of Enron was rapid;Read MoreCulture Clash: Opportunity or Conflict?1089 Words   |  5 PagesCulture clash: Opportunity or conflict? By - Judah L. Ronch, PhD We talk a lot about culture change, but what is it about the culture that needs to be changed, and which culture are we talking about? In all community care settings, there are actually a few cultures that come together and, sometimes, collide. We have examined culture before and used Edgar Scheins definition, which we have loosely summarized as â€Å"the way we do things around here.† 1 This definition applies to both the cultureRead MoreGender and Culture Conflicts at Work858 Words   |  3 Pagesï » ¿Gender and Culture Conflicts @Work There are a number of conflicts at my workplace. One of which that is related to gender is the differences in conflict management and conflict interaction with respect to gender. I noticed differences in how women react to and engage in conflict as compared with men. While differences are good in some cases, these differences, particularly with respect to conflict (in general) can exacerbate the conflict or redirect it such that the conflict does not get resolvedRead MoreA Conflict Of Cultures : Kerry Beck1610 Words   |  7 Pages A Conflict of Cultures Kerry Beck Charleston Southern University All material in this paper is the author’s original work and all resources have been properly cited. Outline The Mothers of Good Will are a religious order that operates two hospitals which have recently been merged The two facilities have developed very different cultures over time and are having difficulty integrating as a result Hospital ‘A’ was, until recently, an acute care facility Its culture was more fluid and openRead MoreThe Theory Of Culture : A Conflict View1946 Words   |  8 PagesThe identities that each person possesses is influenced according to their attitudes, values and beliefs embedded in their culture. When people hear the word cult, the images of satan worshipping, animal sacrifices and evil, pagan rituals automatically come to mind. However, in reality, the majority of cults do not involve these things and are in fact simply a religious system with alternate beliefs. The word though refers to an unorthodox sect whose members distort the original doctrines of theRead MoreA Decade Of Conflict, Conformity And Culture2821 Words   |  12 PagesA DECADE OF CONFLICT, CONFORMITY AND CULTURE The era of the 1920s has been depicted as the Roaring Twenties, a time of glamour and glitter with the rise of parties, the dance of the â€Å"flappers,† the culture of the Jazz Age, and the consumption of pleasures and indulgence in leisure. But the 1920s were more than just the trend of looking good or listening to the blues, it was also a time of conflict, the fight and struggles of women and race, amongst others. By reading two distinct focuses of the afterRead MoreThe Constant Conflict Between Chinese Culture And American Culture1544 Words   |  7 PagesThe Constant Conflict between the Chinese Culture and American Culture Cities, towns, and, more generally, places, are living organisms. Similar to those living within and outside it, a city interacts with other living beings, creating change and taking change. The symbiosis between the places and those within the place can be mutualistic or parasitic, beneficial to both or harmful to one. The early 1900s were characterized by millions of people flocking to America to live the so-called AmericanRead MoreThe Effects Of Taking Conflict On Conflict Management Styles Across Cultures911 Words   |  4 PagesTaking Conflict Personally Conflict, according to, means to come into collision or disagreement; be contradictory, at variance, or in opposition; clash (Conflict Definition, n.d.). There are so many different things that impact each individual on conflict, such as our beliefs, how we were raised, attitude, and life experiences that it is really easy to see how conflict arises. After reading the Peer Reviewed Journal â€Å"Effects of taking conflict personally on conflict management stylesRead MoreThe Conflict Between Modern And Traditional Culture1211 Words   |  5 PagesThe conflict between modern and traditional culture continues to have a significant impact on people with strong cultural beliefs. In â€Å"Dead Men’s Path†, Chinua Achebe uses literary elements of setting, symbolism, conflict and irony to analyze the theme of cultural conflict between people with modern values and traditional culture. To set the background, Achebe begins the story with a twenty-six years old young man being elected as a principal of a rural school located in a village in Nigeria during

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Presentation Speech Prelude Of The Civil Rights Movement...

Presentation Speech: Slide 1: Prelude to the Civil Rights Movement 1950s First, to see how we have gotten to the point of where society is at today, we need to know where we have come from. We can trace the roots of the civil rights movement back to the late 1940s and 1950s, starting with World War 2. During the war, the military was kept segregated, which kept white supremacy prominent. For example, blacks had separate drafts which limited into what branch they could serve. The Air Corps and Navy were mostly white, and blacks often served as cooks or assistants to officers. Many people from the north that went to the south to army bases were shocked and disturbed by the segregation they saw which resulted in a greater awareness to the cause and many people getting involved. Many poor blacks could greatly improve their station in life through the military, and many did so. After the war, President Truman signed an executive order to desegregate all of the armed forces in 1948. In 1954, many public schools were kept segregated which was made legal through the Plessy versus Ferguson case of 1896, in which they claimed that segregation was constitutional as long as the black and white facilities were equal. But at this time in Topeka, Kansas a black third-grade girl named Linda Brown had to walk more than a mile through a railroad switchyard to get to her school for black children, even though there was an elementary school for white children less than seven blocks away. HerShow MoreRelatedOne Significant Change That Has Occurred in the World Between 1900 and 2005. Explain the Impact This Change Has Made on Our Lives and Why It Is an Important Change.163893 Words   |  656 PagesMichael Adas for the American Historical Association TEMPLE UNIVERSITY PRESS PHILADELPHIA Temple University Press 1601 North Broad Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19122 Copyright  © 2010 by Temple University All rights reserved Published 2010 Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Essays on twentieth century history / edited by Michael Peter Adas for the American Historical Association. p. cm.—(Critical perspectives on the past) Includes bibliographicalRead MoreLibrary Management204752 Words   |  820 PagesStates. 2. Information services— United States—Management. I. Moran, Barbara B. II. Title. Z678.S799 2007 025.1—dc22 2007007922 British Library Cataloguing in Publication Data is available. Copyright  © 2007 by Robert D. Stueart and Barbara B. Moran All rights reserved. No portion of this book may be reproduced, by any process or technique, without the express written consent of the publisher. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 2007007922 ISBN: 978–1–59158–408–7 978–1–59158–406–3 (pbk.) First publishedRead MoreSda Manual Essay101191 Words   |  405 PagesFellowship .... At a Duly Called Meeting ......................................................... Majority Vote ........................................................................... Church Board Cannot Remove From Church Fellowship ....... Right of the Member t o Be Heard in Defense .......................... Lawyers Not to Represent Members ........................................ Members Not to Be Removed From Church Membership for Nonattendance ..........................................Read MoreStrategic Marketing Management337596 Words   |  1351 PagesHouse, Jordan Hill, Oxford OX2 8DP 200 Wheeler Road, Burlington, MA 01803 First published 1992 Second edition 1997 Reprinted 1998, 1999, 2001, 2003 Third edition 2005 Copyright  © 1992, 1997, 2005, Richard M.S. Wilson and Colin Gilligan. All rights reserved The right of Richard M.S. Wilson and Colin Gilligan to be identified as the authors of this work has been asserted in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 No part of this publication may be reproduced in any material form (includingRead MoreMarketing Mistakes and Successes175322 Words   |  702 PagesAptara ®, Inc. and printed and bound by Courier/Westford. The cover was printed by Courier/Westford. This book is printed on acid-free paper. Copyright  © 2009, 2006, 2004, 2001, 1998, 1995, 1992, 1989, 1986, 1981, 1976 John Wiley Sons, Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, scanning or otherwise, except as permitted under Sections 107 or 108

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Communication Characteristics of Fashion Shows

Question: Discuss about the Communication Characteristics of Fashion Shows. Answer: Introduction In current world, presenting the definition of trend is one of the most complex mechanisms. According to Macchion et al. (2017), fashion is generally visualized as the reflection of the economic, social, cultural, and political changes. The fashion industry expresses the modernity and symbolizes the time spirits in a prominent manner. The study will feature the influence of the social and digital trend in the future of the fashion industry. It is notable that the effects of the globalisation have increased the market competition in a drastic way. Jang and Moutinho (2015) opined that the social standing and the digital innovations have created the significant impact on the fashion industry. Hence, the study will discuss the social and digital trends that are creating the recognizable effects on the fashion industry. Furthermore, the study will also discuss the impact by depending on the specific disciplines. The Social Trend in Fashion Industry The society has been playing the significant role in the creative industry. According to Li et al. (2016), the sustainability of any creative industry depends on the acceptability of the social group. It is necessary to note that the emergence of fashion trends is changing the global perspectives in terms of economic, social, political, and digital aspects. The diverse societal aspects are the major concerns for the fashion industry (Macchion et al. 2015). For example, if any fashion industry is planning to extend the business in a new country, it is essential for the company identify the needs and demands of the customers. The fashion industry cannot survive without the supports of the people in the society (Brogi et al. 2013). The trends and traditional approaches are the major concern for the business marketers of the fashion industry. On the other hand, the influence of the word of mouth is also taken into consideration. The business marketers in the fashion industry are providing the efficient efforts on creating the positive image of the brand. Hence, the product quality, prices, material specifications, colour, and designs are the major area of concerns to the people in the society. The standardized quality products at reasonable price would create the positive image of the brand. The impact of the word of mouth is also much significant in this case. Loureiro, Costa and Panchapakesan (2017) explained that the brand promotion is also one of the major factors that contribute to the societal aspects. The demands of the society people in frequently changing. Therefore, the fashion industries are also concentrating on transforming the distribution channels (Radaelli et al. 2014). The promotional media that are used for demonstrating the product specifications also influence the people in the society. Moreover, the c urrent changes in the global market are transforming the demands of the people in a significant way. Hence, the future of the fashion industry is required to be more innovative for reaching to the expectation level of the people in the society. Impact of the Social Trend in the disciplines The impacts of the social trends on the fashion industry are much significant. These trends are bringing the recognizable changes on the disciplines, such as infrastructure, careers, culture, and longevity (Macchion et al. 2015). The growing demands of the society people along with the changing fashion aspects are transforming the creative fashion industry in a significant way. It is necessary to imply that the demands of the fashionable clothes, accessories, and sophisticated needs are growing in a drastic way (Li et al. 2014). As a result, the business marketers receive the opportunity to present the innovative ways of introducing the fashion products in the market. Moreover, it is necessary to bring developments in the infrastructures. For example, the fashion retail outlet can be established in the supermarket area or the localities so that people often can visit the stores. Moreover, these significant changes are providing more opportunities to the people who are pursuing their career in the fashion industry. However, the threats of the competitors are expected in the future prospects of the fashion industry (Macchion et al. 2015). The new practitioners are required being much cautious about the basic needs and demands of the customers. It is essential to conduct the fruitful market research in order to obtain the ideas about the preferences of the customers as well as the market feasibility (Brogi et al. 2013). Concentrating on such research, the future practitioners can establish their sustainable business entity in the fashion industry. The Digital Trend of Fashion Industry From the department stores to luxury boutique, there is the drastic change found in the fashion industry. The emergence of the digital revolution is the new concept in the field of fashion designing process. The innovative uses in the digital technologies have brought several interesting procedures that contribute effective growth to the fashion industry (Okazaki and Taylor 2013). The digital trend has introduced the personalization process that brings the luxury fashion in current age. It has been observed that several luxury brands have refused to enter the e-commerce world for years. They had the perception that selling the clothes online would ruin the exclusiveness of the brand. However, the remarkable growth in the online clothing market has transformed the perception in current time (Hong and Kim 2014). On the other hand, the use of the effective promotional activities through digital media is much attractive to the target group of the customers. More specifically, it is noted that the advancements in the digital age has minimized the technological barriers due to which the demonstration of the fashion clothes has become easier for the business marketers. Furthermore, it is important to mention that people are quite aware about the use of digital technologies. The fashion brands thus can be presented through official websites or social media. The availability of the filtered search engines is quite beneficial for the customers who search for their desirable fashion clothes and accessories at the particular pricing rate. In addition to this, customers can even place their order through digital media and receive the products by just sitting at home (Kant Hvass 2014). The digital trends, these days, are contributing to the versatile fashion industry. It has become easier for the business marketers reach to the target group of customers through the digital marketing process. Moreover, the advanced uses of the digital technologies in enabling the method of connecting more people worldwide (Keller et al. 2014). In addition to this, the online review ages are helpful for the business marketers to identify the basic needs and demands of the c ustomers regarding the fashion clothes and accessories. Impact of Digital Trend on Disciplines In this consumer centric world, the digital trends have the significant impact on the infrastructure, career development, and longevity. In current times, the fashion trends are much versatile. The personalization and self-expression is necessary for the fashion industry in current time. It is necessary that the fashion industry create the greater customer base with huge potentiality (Hong and Kim 2014). Establishing the transparent communication with the consumers would be efficiency enough to gain insights regarding the customers preferences. Moreover, the demands of the luxurious fashion outlet, and fashion brands are growing much remarkably. Hence, the improvement in the infrastructure is necessary. The establishment of mobile shopping has continued growth in the fashion industry. On the other hand, the influence of the social media is considered as the trendsetter for the fashion industry. The fashionistas set the trends that are broadcasted through social media and influence the customers worldwide (Kant Hvass 2014). It has been observed that people spend a quality time social media and visit the fashion pages online. It influences their pattern of fashion-related shopping. The individuals have the career opportunity in the content marketing field that broadcasts the fashion blogs published in the online sites (Hong and Kim 2014). Some of the social media sites are promoting the fashion trends among the social media users. It has been observed that Instagram and Pinterest are the dominating social sites for presenting the fashion trends. These social sites have overtaken the Facebook and Twitter with the help of the supports from million of social media users (Kant Hvass 2014). Hence, the numerous opportunities are there in the digital market in fashion indu stry. Gathering the reviews from the customers through online review pages will also be beneficial in gathering the knowledge about their preferences. Conclusion The study determines the influences of the global trends on the fashion industry. The changing demands of the consumers in current era are introducing the innovative procedures. The impact of the society is much significant. The sustainability of the fashion industry depends on the acceptability of the fashion clothes and accessories to the people in the society. The growing demands of the customers are much providing the significant opportunities to build the career of the individual in the fashion industry. On the other hand, the improvement in digital technologies has brought the drastic changes in the perspective values of the customers. The wider use of the social media is much significant in recent genre. Moreover, it enhances the future prospects of the fashion industry in a recognizable way. Hence, it can be inferred that the social and digital trends are driving the fashion industry towards future sustainability. References Brogi, S., Calabrese, A., Campisi, D., Capece, G., Costa, R. and Di Pillo, F., 2013. The effects of online brand communities on brand equity in the luxury fashion industry.International Journal of Engineering Business Management,5, p.32. Hong, H.R. and Kim, Y.I., 2014. Communication characteristics of fashion shows using digital images.Journal of the Korean Society of Costume,64(6), pp.1-15. Jang, S. and Moutinho, L., 2015, June. Effects of contextual promotions and online information on revenue performance in luxury hotel industry: an empirical investigation of global resort hotels. In2015 Global Fashion Management Conference at Florence(pp. 105-112). Kant Hvass, K., 2014. Post-retail responsibility of garmentsa fashion industry perspective.Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management,18(4), pp.413-430. Keller, C., Magnus, K.H., Hedrich, S., Nava, P. and Tochtermann, T., 2014. Succeeding in tomorrows global fashion market.McKinsey Global Institute. Li, W.Y., Chow, P.S., Choi, T.M. and Chan, H.L., 2016. Supplier integration, green sustainability programs, and financial performance of fashion enterprises under global financial crisis.Journal of Cleaner Production,135, pp.57-70. Li, Y., Zhao, X., Shi, D. and Li, X., 2014. Governance of sustainable supply chains in the fast fashion industry.European Management Journal,32(5), pp.823-836. Loureiro, S.M.C., Costa, I. and Panchapakesan, P., 2017. A passion for fashion: the impact of social influence, vanity and exhibitionism on consumer behaviour.International Journal of Retail Distribution Management,45(5). Macchion, L., Moretto, A., Caniato, F., Caridi, M., Danese, P. and Vinelli, A., 2015. Production and supply network strategies within the fashion industry.International Journal of Production Economics,163, pp.173-188. Macchion, L., Moretto, A., Caniato, F., Caridi, M., Danese, P., Spina, G. and Vinelli, A., 2017. Improving innovation performance through environmental practices in the fashion industry: The moderating effect of internationalisation and the influence of collaboration.Production Planning Control,28(3), pp.190-201. Okazaki, S. and Taylor, C.R., 2013. Social media and international advertising: theoretical challenges and future directions.International marketing review,30(1), pp.56-71. Radaelli, G., Guerci, M., Cirella, S. and Shani, A.B.R., 2014. Intervention research as management research in practice: learning from a case in the fashion design industry.British Journal of Management,25(2), pp.335-351.